May 2005
Volume 47 Number 5
Fundamentals of Ultraviolet Treatment: Terms and Definitions Do Matter!
by James R. Bolton
The fundamentals of UV light and its absorption are the same for any medium: air, water or surface...  read more
Magmeters Keep Waste Water Flowing Precisely
by Jonathan Fiedler
On Maine’s Southern Coast, the Wells Sanitary District (in the town of the same name) provides treatment for up to two million gallons of waste water per day...  read more
Water Purification versus Waste Water Reuse
by Peter S. Cartwright
Virtually all of the laws and regulations addressing potable water treatment and waste water discharges are based on from the same fundamental premise—the health of humans using these water supplies must be protected...  read more
What’s the Big Stink on Septic Discharge?
by C.F. “Chubb” Michaud
Ask the average city dweller to define the word septic and they might respond with infectious or diseased...  read more
Pollution Control
by Henry Nowicki
Activated carbons (AC) are used in many process applications...  read more
Keep It Clean with Silver
by Jeffrey A. Trogolo
The bottled water and beverage equipment industry has a strong focus on hygiene in processing, distribution and dispensing environments...  read more
WQA Recertification Quiz

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WQA Aquatech USA 2005 Las Vegas

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Web Exclusive
Viewpoint: WQA Aquatech 2005 read more
Finding New Ways for a Nation to Drink Clean Water
by Nate F. Searing read more
Richard A. Meeusen of Badger Meter, Inc.
by Karen R. Smith read more
Ultraviolet Water Disinfection -- It’s All About the Dose
by Rick Andrew read more
Waste Water and Risks of Drinking Water Contamination
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more