June 2005
Volume 47 Number 6
The Care and Handling of Activated Carbon
by Kenneth E. Schaeffer
Activated carbon adsorbent media is easy to use and easy to handle...  read more
Batch Waste Water Treatment Using Ion Exchange at the University of Colorado at Boulder
by Larry Gottlieb, Ralph Bogle & Mark Kenning
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment classifies the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB) as a large quantity generator of hazardous wastes...  read more
Fillmore, Calif. One Year Later: Life After a Ban on Water Softeners
by Ken Smedley
Twelve months after water softeners were banned here in Fillmore, at the heart of the Santa Clara River Valley, things haven't actually worked out according to predictions...  read more
Pure Water Doesn't Have to Be Bland
by Eric Nyberg
Consumers have many choices when it comes to drinking water...  read more
An Introduction to SWEDI
by Avijit Dey
Electrodeionization (EDI) is a separation process combining electrodialysis and conventional ion exchange; the resulting hybrid process entails zero regenerant chemicals...  read more
Web Exclusive
SWEDI: A More Forgiving Electrodeionization Technology with Higher Feed Water Hardness Tolerance
by Avijit Dey
The purification of aqueous streams by reducing the concentration of ionic impurities has been an area of considerable technical interest...  read more
Viewpoint: Spring into summer read more
Water Wërks H2O: Solutions to H2O Problems
by Nate F. Searing read more
Financing the Future: Bob Schabes of The LeverEdge & ISPC
by Nate F. Searing read more
Certification of Activated Carbon and Products Containing Activated Carbon
by Rick Andrew read more
Animals and Drinking Water Quality
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more
Tech Talk: Website Manifestation—Seven Steps to a Successful Site
by Jason O’Connor read more