September 2005
Volume 47 Number 9
IBWA 47th Annual Convention and Trade Show
by Bridget Wells
Statistics by Beverage Marketing Corporation show U.S. bottled water sales and consumption continuing to rise as consumers increasingly choose bottled water over other commercial beverages...  read more
Bottled Water and Homeland Security
by Bob Hirst
Contamination of the Unites States' food supply by domestic or foreign terror groups is a threat that has the potential to cause mass morbidity or even mortality...  read more
Zenith Report: Part 1. Quenching a Thirst in the Middle East and Asia: Bottled Water Consumption Breaks 50 Billion Liter Barrier
by Paul Tarling
Bottled water sales in Asia and the Middle East rose by 11 percent to reach 51 billion liters in 2004, according to the latest Asia/Middle East Bottled Water report from specialist food and drink consultancy Zenith International...  read more
Are Wet Bottles Giving You the Slip?
by Matthew Forknall
The littlest things can damage a conveyor and stop production, whether filling five bottles of water per day or 50,000...  read more
Zenith Report: Part 2. Information Flow
by Kirstin Gradl
Still growing. Sparkling performance. Water surges. The years may pass, but the headlines relating to the performance of the bottled water sector remain the same...  read more
Zenith Report: Part 3. Flourishing Growth for Flavored Water in West Europe
by Sophie Carkeek
Runaway growth in West Europe's flavored water market is the result of consumer demand for drinks that combine good taste with an enhanced sense of well-being, according to the 2005 West Europe flavored water report from leading drinks consultancy Zenith International...  read more
Harvesting the Future: Water Bottles Made from Corn-Based PLA Plastics
by WC&P Staff
PLA is the future of the bottled water industry and the entire packaging industry...  read more
Overcoming the YUCK Factor
by C.F. Chubb Michaud
There is a tremendous psychological barrier to overcome before someone will drink apple juice out of a bed pan...  read more
Dividing the Indivisible
by Richard A. Aubrey
Consider the value of a Michagan vacation home owned by a woman we'll call Mrs. Jones...  read more
PWQA Northern California Barbecue Roundup Review
by Karen R. Smith
Most organizations have a hard time keeping their members motivated during the summer months, what with the allure of sun and surf&but not PWQA...  read more
Web Exclusive
Viewpoint: Organic advances read more
Surfing for Refreshment: The Bottled Water
by  read more
Drinking Water Dollars: The Metacatalyst -- A Private Equity Perspective of Water
by Christoph Lueneburger read more
Mike McFarland of Norland Int`l. Inc.
by Nate F. Searing read more
Bottled Water Certification Audits
by Loren Merrick read more
The Microbial Quality and Safety of Bottled Water
by Kelly A. Reynolds read more
Tech Talk: Finding Success in Search: Search Engine Marketing
by Garry Grant read more