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Current IssueAugust 30, 2014
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Online flowmeter course, by Khrone Academy

Khrone Academy introduces a new basic course on flow measurement available on its online learning platform. Participants of the course, Electromagnetic flowmeters, will find a broad range of topics related to this flow measuring principle in three modules. The first module deals with the history and the general areas of application, the measuring principle itself and the construction of an electromagnetic flowmeter. It is followed by the second module with material selection and special types of electromagnetic flowmeters, sizing, measuring accuracy as well as the calibration of an electromagnetic flowmeter. The third module covers installation and grounding, limitations and advantages, and the industries and applications in which electromagnetic flowmeters can be used. The course is available in English, German and Russian; a French version will be available soon. http://academy-online.krohne.com

PCPP manual, by DEStech Publications, Inc.

DEStech Publications, Inc. announces the publication of Personal Care Products and Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater and the Environment by Frank R. Spellman, PhD. This book surveys current knowledge regarding endocrine disruptors and other hormone-mimicking compounds in the environment as a result of the disposal of cosmetics, drugs and cleaning agents. The book investigates dozens of biologically active pollutants, describes their physiological effects and assesses the evidence of their impact on humans and wildlife. Substances treated include phthalates, bisphenol-A, hormones and an array of steroids. Techniques being investigated by US EPA for the detection and analysis of steroids and hormones in water samples are presented. This is a key reference volume for environmental health, risk assessment and water/wastewater technology. www.destechpub.com/links/catalogs/bookstore/, (877) 500-4337

Water quality analyzer, by Blue I Water Technologies

Blue I Water Technologies’ Smart LEA is a low-energy water quality analyzer, specially designed for integration in smart-water networks. The self-powered, multi-parameter analyzer features sensors that collect and transmit data to be used in predictive analysis systems. The device’s sensors (measuring free chlorine, turbidity, ORP, pH, temperature, conductivity, flow and pressure) relay all data in real time to the network’s online management system and enables ongoing access to data, alerts and history. www.blueitechnologies.com, rfeldman@blueitechnologies.com

Soft water products, by LanoSoft

LanoSoft® introduces its improved product line, reformulated to minimize impact on the environment and provide superior performance. The company offers a complete line of personal and household products made with natural ingredients, created especially for people in soft-water homes, LanoSoft products give you the perfect opportunity to boost your sales with both new and existing customers. www.proproducts.com, rbarna@proproducts.com

Commercial/industrial UV system, by UV Superstore, Inc.

UV Superstore, Inc. introduces the Coyote UV™ Series, an in-house engineered design and manufactured in the USA. These systems are specifically intended for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The innovative modular design, simple to install and simple to maintain, offers easy field expansion. The systems are available in flowrates from 40 to 150 gpm (151 to 567 liters/min) for clear, fresh water. They are used for disinfection, ozone destruction or TOC reduction. www.uvsuperstore.com, (770) 307-3882

Countertop distiller, by Waterwise, Inc.

Waterwise, Inc.’s Model 8800 Distiller effectively removes substances such as arsenic, aluminum, bacteria, chloride, chlorine, chloroform, copper, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrates, sodium, sulfate, trihalomethanes (THM) and viruses. This system produces one gallon (3.78 liters) of 100-percent, steam-distilled water in four hours, up to six gallons (22.71 liters) per day. Features include an automatic shutoff and dripless stop-and-serve. It operates on 800 watts of power and plugs into a standard outlet. A multifunction LCD readout displays time of day; has a programmable, time-delayed start-up feature and lets you know when it’s time to change the carbon filter. The seamless, removable boiler has a concealed heating element that won’t become coated with scale and mineral deposits. A simple twist locks the seven-inch (17.78 cm) stainless steel cover firmly into place. The carbon filter bag fits into a compartment in the carafe lid. This filter enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification. www.waterwise.com, (800) 874-9028

Rubber Seals, by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’ static, face-seal gaskets, custom-designed and molded of liquid silicone rubber, provide superior strength and improve design function in most plumbing-related products. Available for both radial and axial applications, these LSR sealing devices are well suited for environments where temperature variation and resistance to aging are important design considerations. The typical liquid silicone rubber properties for grades ASTM DZZ40 durometer is shore A of 20 to 80 with a tensile strength for ASTM D412 of 1,150 to 1,750 psi. These grades have high heat resistance to + 180°C and good flexibility to -45°C. They have excellent electrical insulating characteristics and resist UV radiation and weathering. Additional design advantages to these LSR static face seals include: ability to handle high-pressure limits with thinner cross sections; very clean molding process with no material pre-processing needed; minimal flash with very little gate or flash material waste; short repeatable cycle times and reduced secondary operations. www.mnrubber.com, (952) 927-1400