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Current IssueMarch 01, 2015
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Compact metering pumps, by Blue-White Industries

Blue-White Industries introduces compact and efficient CHEM-FEED® C-1500N diaphragm metering injector pumps. Features include all ball bearing, permanently lubricated gear motor and double-ball inlet and outlet cartridge style ceramic check valves. The valve body and fittings are constructed of chemical-resistant PVDF; valves have FKM static seals and TFE/P ball-seat O-rings. The diaphragm is PTFE coated EP. The units are offered with standard or deluxe output control options. Standard units feature quick adjusting and high-accuracy mechanical stroke-length control, allowing for a minimum stroke length of five percent. Deluxe units feature stroke-length and electronic time-interval control. Time is adjustable from five to 100 percent of the repeating five-second time interval (0.25 to 5.0). Maximum feed to 228.1 gpd (36 L/ph); maximum output pressure to 125 psi. The C-1500N is NSF, ETL, CSA and CE listed. www.blue-white.com, sales@blue-white.com

Water level meter, by Heron Instruments, Inc.

Heron Instruments, Inc. introduces the dipper-T drawDown water level meter, which comes standard with a fully submersible, removable probe for easy change for optional bottom detector or casing detector probe; yellow, steel-tape jacketed in polyethylene, with markings under the jacketing; audio and visual sensors for when the probe touches the water; sensitivity dial for tuning out cascading water; a nine-volt battery and draw-down feature, for signaling when drawing out water. A padded carry case is included. www.heroninstruments.com, terri@heroninstruments.com

Heat disinfection system, by AmeriWater Corporation

AmeriWater’s FDA-approved Heatsan system gives dialysis facilities the ability to adjust operation for each day of the week, heating intervals, holding times and disinfection temperatures. As a result, the Heatsan can save energy and staff time while providing up to 100 gallons (378.54 liters) of 185°F (85°C) water for disinfection. Incorporating a PLC controller, the Heatsan is operated by a dual-color touch screen displaying alarms, system status, tank level and disinfection temperatures, plus a password-protected event log holding up to 12 months of data. The Heatsan’s construction is rugged yet space-efficient featuring a stainless steel skid and an insulated stainless steel storage tank with a sloping base for easy drainage. The tank is fitted with three-phase heating elements, level transmitter and a temperature monitor. The isolation of the RO and bicarb mixing system is accomplished with three-way motorized ball valves. A stainless steel recirculation pump and stainless steel solenoid valves complete this innovative package. www.ameriwater.com

UV disinfection systems, by Hydrotech

Hydrotech announces the addition of the Genesis H2O Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems to the PURA product line, which are rebranded as PURA but will maintain the GEN 5 and 6 model designations. This series offers ‘installer-driven’ features including: positive stop that prevents broken sleeves; bayonet lamp connector, requiring a quarter turn and no tools; world-wide patent protection, which prevents knock-off lamps; a full-color user interface; a dealer screen customization and intensity monitor, and alarm upgradeability. www.hydrotechwater.com, (877) 299-5999

Pump brochure, by Wilo USA

Wilo USA’s new 16-page, four-color, comprehensive Submersible Pumps and Mixers brochure features its FA submersible sewage pumps and accessories, TR submersible mixers and RZP recirculation pumps for water supply, sewage disposal and sewage treatment. Each product line and system is described in detail with categories such as features and benefits, technical data, materials, motor data, impellers, mixers and accessories. The brochure also highlights the company’s programs such as Wilo’s exclusive The Right Mix program, which includes an energy saving audit and an energy study. The Test in Your Tank program, designed to test mixers in an actual plant environment, is also presented. It’s open to qualified participants at no charge. www.wilosales.com/literature/literature/pdf/bro_WaterManagement.pdf

Water well filtration system, by Hydrocare USA

HydroCare’s Iron 300X can effectively remove up to three parts per million (ppm) iron, 1.5 ppm hydrogen sulfide, one ppm manganese and incorporates a 25-1 micron filter for sediment removal. This system does not require any electricity, salt, chemicals, cumbersome tanks or backwashing. It also incorporates KDF to prevent the formation of bacteria in the system and a carbon component to aid in the removal of other contaminants and to improve taste. The Iron 300X is easy to install and maintain and is powerful yet compact: only 24-inches (60.96-cm) wide and 27-inches (68.58-cm) high. Depending on iron levels, the system can effectively filter up to 160,000 gallons (605,665 liters) before the filters need to be replaced. www.hydrocareusa.com, (888) 234-9376

Fractional deionization, by QUA Group LLC

QUA Group LLC’s FEDI stacks, which have superior hardness tolerance compared to the other electrodeionization products on the market, and a dual voltage process allows for a higher flexibility and tolerance to inlet water conditions, thus lowering the risk of scaling and improving the plant’s design economics and reliability. FEDI stacks are available in three different models, which can be applied either for higher hardness tolerance or high water flowrates. www.environmental-expert.com, sales@quagroup.com

Drag conveyer, by Modern Process Equipment Inc.

Modern Process Equipment Corporation introduces its Chain-Vey™ tubular drag conveyor. This chain and disc technology gently moves product, virtually eliminating degradation and particle size declassification, thereby making it an optimal solution for hundreds of products including ground coffee, dried foods, material chips, activated carbon and more. Additional advantages include an optional self-cleaning design that eliminates sanitization between change-over; enclosed, sealed tube that protects product aroma and surrounding environment; less than 20 percent of the energy usage of pneumatic conveying systems; conveying distances of up to 200 feet (60 meters) and flexible designs with multiple inlets and discharge points possible. www.chainvey.com, solution@mpechicago.com

Rotary encoders, by Pepperl+Fuchs Inc.

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces ENA58IL and ENA36IL magnetic absolute rotary encoders. These next-generation encoders combine precision and high-speed resolution in a compact design. They are packed with features and options that maximize process reliability, efficiency and service life ideal for a wide range of OEM and plant automation applications. Boasting accuracies up to 0.1°, resolution up to 16-bit, single-turn and 32-bit multiturn and a signal processing time < 100 s, these encoders are taking flexibility and performance to new heights. The rotary encoders are based on a magnetic detection principle and use a two-axis Hall sensor, which measures changes in the magnetic field allowing the angular measurement to be generated by the encoder electronics. www.pepperl-fuchs.us.fa, info@us.pepperl-fuchs.com

Adapter valves, by Pureteck, USA

Pureteck Co., Inc.’s PureT angle stop adapter valve, designed for the US water filtration market, allows users to quickly add a connection between an angle stop valve and a riser when installing water filtration equipment, water dispensers, coffee brewers or ice makers into a plumbing system. A tough, engineered thermoplastic material minimizes the potential for cross-threading and a removable C-clip allows the installer to switch the handle orientation. The swivel body design allows for easy installation in tight spaces. The 0.5-inch (12.7-mm) angle stop valve comes with an adapter and can be converted to either 0.5-inch IPS or 0.375-inch (9.525-mm) compression plumbing systems. www.puretusa.com, sales@puretusa.com