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Current IssueSeptember 21, 2014
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Flexible hoses, by John Guest USA, Inc.

John Guest® introduces its Flexi Hoses line for use in water heater and water softener installations. Flexi Hoses are available in 3/4” CTS x 3/4” NPSM, ½” CTS x 3/4” NPSM and 3/4” CTS x 3/4” CTS. They are 18 inches long and the hose is braided. Flexi Hoses are corrosion resistant, there is no metal contact, they are lead-free compliant and have a double crimp for greater reliability. They are IAPMO listed to ASSE A112.18.6-2009, CSA B125.6-2009 and are available for sale now. www.johnguest.com

Vortex-shedding, by Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.

P420 PVC or CPVC plastic-construction, vortex-shedding Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. flowmeters are cost-effective for use in water and chemical treatment applications. They meet requirements for an inexpensive flowrate transmitter without moving parts that can stick, bind or coat when measuring flow. These units are often used as components of skid-mounted systems offered by water treatment vendors. The flowmeters can be viewed during WEFTEC at Booth #7711. www.flowmeters.com, ufm@flowmeters.com

UV disinfection systems, by UV Superstore, Inc.

UV Superstore introduces five models in its BA Series line of UV water disinfection systems, which feature additional flowrate options. With easy installation and flowrates from four to 16 gpm (15 to 60 L/m), these systems are designed to provide years of safe, effective and reliable service. The BA Series whole-house UV systems inactivate pathogens without adding anything to the water—no aftertaste, no chemicals and no harmful byproducts. www.uvsuperstore.com, (770) 307-3882

Smart water treatment technology system, by EcoWater Systems, Inc.

EcoWater Systems® introduces HydroLink Plus® Wi-Fi web-based technology, which makes it possible to monitor and manage EcoWater water treatment systems and water usage via a smartphone, tablet or computer from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home. A simple and secure online dashboard provides appliance information at a glance, such as number of days until the salt is empty, cycle schedule, average daily water usage, water used today and gallons of treated water remaining. HydroLink Plus also alerts homeowners via text or email when salt is low and needs refilling or if potential issues are detected, such as a continuous water flow above normal usage threshold. This technology is now available with EcoWater’s ERR and ECR 3500/3502 water refining systems. HydroLink Plus retrofit kits are also available for all other existing EcoWater 3500 Series systems. www.ecowater.com

Filters and housings, by ENPRESS LLC

ENPRESS LLC introduces its ONE Filtration Simplified® POU series of housings and filters, designed for simple and easy installation while being ecofriendly. Filter housings are reusable once the internal cartridge has reached its useful life. High-capacity/high-flow filters, with low pressure drop and Direct Connect™ installation, eliminate the need for an extra faucet. System features include two housing sizes, multiple bracket options, quarter-turn release mechanism that shuts off the water supply for easy maintenance and flowrates up to four gpm (15.1 L/m). The series includes CBC; CYL; AMB (AquaMetix® block) and NF (NanoAl™ [PAC Green Series Cartridge Tank® filters]). 100-percent non-metallic Cartridge Tank™, a direct replacement for 2.5- or 4.5-inch (63.5- or 114.3-mm) housings or stainless steel cartridge housings, is an NSF 61- and NSF 44-listed device. Seven series options are currently available, each offering unique filtration capacities and flowrates from residential requirements up to 150 gpm (567.8 L/m). Specifically designed for residential, light commercial and commercial POE installations and applications, the patented and patent-pending system features an easy-to-access top and bottom opening for use with multiple filtration connections and solutions, in a lightweight and cost-effective package. www.enpress.com, (866) 859-927

Shower filtration system, by Waterwise, Inc.

Waterwise, Inc.’s Showerwise Filtration System helps reduce harmful contaminants such as chlorine, lead, odor and bacteria from shower water. It reduces inhalation of vapors and absorption of chemicals by removing chlorine and reducing contaminants such as iron oxide, scale, sediment and hydrogen sulfide (sulphur). Showerwise has an adjustable, massage shower head designed for strong flow without sacrificing pressure. Free report and catalog available. waterwise.com/wcp, (800) 874-9028 x674

Water treatment apps, by Pentair Water

Pentair® introduces a variety of apps to enhance the water treatment industry and improve the buying experience for distributors and homeowners alike. The first of five apps set to launch this summer is the Water Treatment Benefits App, which serves as a digital playbook where dealers can customize individual pitches to homeowners. This easy-to-use technology can help increase close rates and decrease overall pitch times by eliminating the need for on-site calculations. www.pentairaqua.com/pro

Dialysis system, by AmeriWater Corporation

AmeriWater’s MediQA dialysis system, which recently received FDA clearance, can serve six to 40 stations at dialysis facilities with the exceptional benefits of RO water treatment and heat disinfection. It delivers a fully integrated water purification solution when coupled with pretreatment, a loop heat disinfection system and distribution pipework suitable for heat. The MediQA unit provides maximum flexibility and is available in single- and dual-pass membrane models. User-friendly operation are managed through a full-color touchscreen display with comprehensive menu navigation, including full schematics. Password-protected, stored data includes active status indicators, alarm conditions and performance logs. Stored data can be downloaded to a remote PC Excel spreadsheet or accessed through the touchscreen. www.ameriwater.com

In-home demonstration app, by Liquid Soap Products LTD

Liquid Soap Products LTD announces the new Fresh Soap Program™ Demonstration App for iPad and Android devices. This in-home demo app clearly explains the cost savings and earth-friendliness of reusable dispensers, concentrated soap and the power of pure, treated water to make fresh soap. High-quality video and animations delight and entertain customers while they learn the value of using concentrated soap in offsetting the purchase price of a new water treatment system. The app is currently free for a limited time. Adding a company logo and other customization is available at an additional cost. Call for download instructions. (800) 458-SOAP (7627)

Ultrapure flowmeters, by Blue-White Industries

The carefully engineered design and top-quality construction materials of Blue-White’s Metal-Free Flowmeters makes them well-suited to applications where no metals can be allowed to enter the fluid path, such as ultrapure, DI water and highly corrosive applications. The float, constructed of PTFE, is guided by precisely engineered polysulfone ridges, molded into the meter body. Adapters (polysulfone, PVC or PVDF), O-ring seals (FKM; EP is optional) and Socket Fusion polypropylene or PVDF 63-mm fittings are also offered. www.blue-white.com, sales@blue-white.com

UV systems, by QMP, Inc.

QMP, Inc. introduces additions to the Protector™ UV series, including one-, eight- and 12-gpm (3.7-, 30.2- and 45.4-liter) UV systems, featuring 304 stainless steel construction. Also includes UV ballast features, pre-heat start, LED indicator lights, audible alarm, lamp life countdown, ballast life counter and 110 to 240 V 50/60 Hz. www.qmpusa.com, (661) 294-6860