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Current IssueJuly 30, 2014
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Aeration/chlorination system, by Better Water Industries Inc.

Better Water Industries Inc.’s G-140 Sentry I Open-Air System, often described as a personal municipality for the home, combines aeration with chlorination to provide superior water quality. This system adds air to the water with an adjustable Venturi, which starts the oxidation process and dilutes any gases in the water, such as methane. While the unit fills, the chlorinator dispenses the exact amount of chlorine desired, which sanitizes the water and finishes the oxidation process. This G-140 has three floats, one mechanical safety overflow, one electrical low-level shutdown and one electrical water-level maintaining float. It is complete with the chlorinator, bypass, bladder tank and pump, and is pre-wired for easy installation. www.betterwaterind.com, bwi@betterwaterind.com

Upgraded website, by LiquiTech

LiquiTech announces the release of its upgraded corporate website, which features improved navigation, updated content and a new focus on monitoring and maintenance. The website will continually feature updated industry news for both current customers and those interested in seeking information on how best to protect a business and people against the costs associated with infections or disease caused by waterborne pathogens, especially the bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease. It will also feature a continuously updated map of outbreaks across the US, with links to news articles. www.liquitech.com

Product catalog and price list, by Flowmatic Corporation

Flomatic Corporation introduces its 36-page, four-color 2014 condensed valve catalog and price list. The main valve product categories include ball check and swing check valves, air release/vacuum, gate valves and a wide range of automatic control valves. For more information or to obtain a copy of the new catalog call (800) 833-2040 or fax (800) 314-3155. www.flomatic.com, flomatic@flomatic.com

Equipment catalog, by Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

Beswick Engineering announces the release of its 2014 catalog (#112) containing over 150 new product items. The expansive line of miniature fittings (compression, barb and push-to-connect), valves, quick disconnects, pressure regulators and orifices are ideal for fluid power assemblies requiring durable products—machined in 303 and 316 stainless steel or brass. Other materials are available, such as aluminum and titanium. Company mechanical engineers are on call to provide technical assistance and can provide custom design solutions for individual applications. A free catalog will be mailed to those inquiring for OEM applications. www.beswick.com, mj@beswick.com

Dealer prospects website, by Dataman Group Direct

Dataman Group Direct’s WaterProspects website is devoted to marketing in the water quality industry, which will give water quality dealers access to a wide range of databases and products specifically geared toward lead generation. The site also provides dealers with insights into marketing strategy and brand management, as well as information about the latest marketing trends. Direct mail, telemarketing, in-store programs, door-to-door canvassing and social media are some of the lead-generation techniques featured. www.waterprospects.com,(800) 771-3282

RO systems, by Applied Membranes, Inc.

Applied Membranes, Inc. introduces the AMI Advantage Series RO systems, designed to produce low dissolved solids product water from tap or well water. These systems use high-efficiency, low-energy membranes and run at high recovery, offering low maintenance and operational costs. Capacity is 350 to 1,000 gpd (1,325 to 3,785 L/day) for the P Series, 600-1,700 gpd (2,271 to 6,435 L/day) for the T Series and 2,000 to 10,000 gpd (7,570 to 37,854 L/day) for the M Series. Each features thin-film membranes in stainless steel housings. The systems incorporate carbon filters for chlorine removal and sediment prefiltration prior to the RO for a packaged unit that is ready to run out of the box. Systems can be private-labeled to further brand awareness. www.appliedmembranes.com, sales@appliedmembranes.com

Brine recovery softeners, by Waterite Technologies, Inc.

Waterite introduces the Tahoe Brine Recovery System, a simple and reliable ion exchange technology available in the Tahoe family of electronic softeners. These softeners are available in a range of sizes, from small residential installation to light commercial application. The BRS technology is designed to save both water and salt, offering up to 21-percent reduced salt usage, depending on system size. A fully electronic control calculates when resin bed regeneration is necessary and will initiate the cycle, automatically and selectively recovering salt and water with each regeneration. www.waterite.com, (941) 727-7211

Ultrasonic flowmeter, by Blue-White Industries

Blue-White Industries’ Sonic-Pro® S4 in-line ultrasonic flowmeter features flow measurement technology with no moving parts, no internal liners to wear out and is capable of measuring water flow using the Transit Time method. Pipe fittings facilitate installation of the meter and a special low-power mode permits operation with battery for limited functions. Optional advanced data communication protocols include Industrial Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS TPV1 and PROFINET. Download data logging files directly to a flash drive via USB. Dual relays for rate alarms, total alarms or proportional feed control. The unit is NSF-61 certified and the housing is NEMA 4X (IP 66) for wash-down. www.blue-white.com, sales@blue-white.com

Granulated AC, by Fivebro International

Fivebro International’s Puracarb granular activated carbon is available in more than 20 grades for a wide range of applications, including water and wastewater. The premium-grade products are manufactured exclusively from coconut-shell charcoal and the pore structure is carefully controlled to facilitate adsorption of low molecular weight organics. The DCN Series products are intended for use in dechlorination, COD removal and as a pretreatment for RO and ion exchange systems. Available in various packaging sizes and customized packing is available upon request. www.fivebro.com, sales@fivebro.com

UV systems, by QMP, Inc.

QMP, Inc. introduces additions to the Protector™ UV series, including one-, eight- and 12-gpm (3.7-, 30.2- and 45.4-liter) UV systems, featuring 304 stainless steel construction. Also includes UV ballast features, pre-heat start, LED indicator lights, auditable alarm, lamp life countdown, ballast life counter and 110 to 240V 50/60Hz. www.qmpusa.com, (662) 294-6860

Power monitor, by NK Technologies

NK Technologies introduces the APN-R Series Power Monitor, which measures the power usage of a single piece of equipment, an extensive machine system, an area of a plant or an entire facility. The monitor is equally suited for specific equipment monitoring tasks, such as detecting conveyor jams and overloads, or identifying dry-running pumps caused from clogged intake or discharge lines, impeller cavitation or bearing wear. It is factory configured with 0-500 A- or 0-2000 A-range flexible coils to measure the load current and line voltage (up to 600 VAC) connects directly to the transducer; no potential transformer is needed unless the line voltage exceeds 600 volts. There is also a pulse contact which opens and closes as watt hours are accumulated. Other features include: 24 VAC/DC, 120 or 240 VAC external power supply; compact, low-profile, DIN-mounted housing; clearly labeled finger-safe terminals and LED display for quick visual indication of network communication. The APN-R is designed to meet UL, CUL and CE approvals. www.nktechnologies.com, sales@nktechnologies.com

Water distiller, by Waterwise, Inc.

The Waterwise Model 7000 Distiller is a fully automatic, self-replenishing steam distillation system that produces up to nine gallons (34 liters) of purified/distilled water a day and holds up to three, eight or 12 gallons (11, 30 or 45 liters). One simple water connection puts 100-percent steam distilled water on tap. An optional remote faucet pump system offers additional delivery solutions to as many as five locations. Fully automatic start, shutoff and continuous fill replenishes the water supply as it is used. Features include a seven-stage process to guarantee maximum purity and the system has earned the WQA Gold Seal. www.waterwise.com (800) 874-9028

Turnkey systems, by Carbon Plus React Corp.

Carbon Plus React Corp., manufacturer and supplier of various base, high-quality virgin carbon products (NSF certified), also offers complete turnkey carbon change-out services, which include immediate designs and deliveries of liquid- and vapor-phase vessels. In addition, the company has its own plant for direct, high-quality custom carbon reactivation (minimum 6,000 metric tons/year) and powdered carbon. sales@carbonplusreactcorp.com, (909) 944-8888