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Current IssueSeptember 02, 2015
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Flowmeters, by Blue-White Industries

Blue-White Industries’ F-462N Series flowmeters feature metal-free wetted parts, making them ideal for use in many ultrapure applications, where contact with metal could contaminate the fluid. Constructed of molded Polysulfone, these meters offer better resistance to high temperatures and pressures, as well as many harsh chemicals. Maximum fluid temperature is 200°F/93°C at 0 psi. Maximum working pressure is 150 psi/10.3 bar at 70°F/21°C. An optional splash shield is available. The high-capacity flowmeter utilizes precisely engineered ridges molded into the meter body, which guide PTFE floats. Calibration range is 2.0 to 80 gpm (8.0 to 300 L/m). Additional features include: Polysulfone two-inch F/NPT fittings with FKM O-rings and half union adapter connections; socket fusion fittings are also available. Permanent direct-reading scales are easy to read. www.blue-white.com, sales@blue-white.com

Activated oxygen faucets, by Clearwater Tech, LLC.

ClearWater Tech introduces ActivTapp faucets for residential use. The patented technology mixes ozone with water to produce a natural, powerful disinfectant in just seconds. The sleek design delivers activated-oxygen water directly from the home’s water supply through the faucet, reducing bacteria, viruses and pesticides found on fruit, vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat. This keeps food fresh, allowing them to retain quality, color and flavor longer. The system also disinfects and oxidizes multi-food surfaces, reducing mold and mildew. Installation is virtually the same as replacing a kitchen faucet and plugging in the ozone generator. No special tools or extensive plumbing knowledge required. The equipment is hidden away under the sink and easily connects to the required utilities. Just plug the unit into any 120v outlet and a convenient on/off switch allows the user to select ozone or no ozone. The side-spray faucet is dedicated to an ozone rinse and the 3-way faucet delivers, hot, cold or ozonated water. A manual comes with all faucet kits detailing the proper installation of the system. www.cwtozone.com, sales@cwtozone.com

Hot tub cover system, by Covana™

Covana™ introduces the EVOLUTION, a system that covers the entire surface of the hot tub, locks with a key and conforms to UL/CUL, CE and ASTM F1346-91 safety standards. It offers the greatest range of possibilities to fit larger and round hot tubs, as it is compatible with 7- and 8-foot (2.1- and 2.4-meter) square hot tubs; rectangular hot tubs from 8 x 9 feet (2.4 x 2.7 meters) to 8 x 11 feet (2.4 x 3.3 meters) and round hot tubs up to 8 feet. Fully adjustable, the Evolution sports a sleek, streamlined look that fits with any environment. A simple turn of the key makes the hot tub available within just 20 seconds—no struggling to remove a cover, no need to stand in the cold to remove snow and ice. www.covana.com, (877) 278-8010

Training manual, by The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®)

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®) introduces the hard copy and eBook versions of its 2015 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code Illustrated Training Manual (UPC-ITM). eBook versions are viewable on computers, tablets and smart phones; both versions can be purchased and downloaded via the organization’s web store. This updated version features significant commentary updates in chapters 15 and 16 for alternate water sources and non-potable rainwater catchment systems. www.iapmo.org

Mineral scale manual, by Elsevier | Science & Technology Books

Elsevier|Science and Technology Books introduces Mineral Scales and Deposits: Scientific and Technological Approaches by Zahid Amjad and Kostas Demadis. This book presents, in an integrated way, the problem of scale deposits in aqueous systems, both industrial and biological. It covers several fundamental aspects, also offering an application’s perspective, with the ultimate goal of helping readers better understand the underlying mechanisms of scale formation, while also assisting users/readers in solving scale-related challenges. It is ideal for scientists/experts in academia, offering a number of crystal growth topics with an emphasis on mechanistic details, prediction modules and inhibition/dispersion chemistry. In addition, technologists, consultants, plant managers, engineers and designers working in the industry will find a field-friendly overview of scale-related challenges and technological options for their mitigation. www.elsevier.com, (781) 663-2268

RO membranes, by AXEON Water Technologies

AXEON Water Technologies’ TF-3012-500 reverse osmosis membrane produces 500 gallons (1,892 liters) per day with a 98-percent salt rejection rate at only 70 psi. Utilizing the company’s proprietary HF5 Technology™, the membrane increases efficiency and provides a 40-percent recovery rate and produces 25-percent less waste than standard membrane elements. High-active membrane area and the unique multi-leaf design provides a better system operation for the user. The membrane can also be retrofitted onto existing systems already in use in the field. It is shipped 100-percent dry for convenient handling and to maintain the integrity of the element’s performance. www.axeonwater.com, sales@axeonwater.com

Product catalog, by Falcon Stainless, Inc.

Falcon Stainless announces the release of its digital 2015 Falcon Stainless Catalog. The catalog presents over 20 pages of products. To obtain a copy, email or call and one will be sent immediately to your inbox. falcon1981@pacbell.net, (818) 767-3569

Water purifiers, by Bluewater Group

Bluewater Group announces the launch (in China) of three residential and light-commercial water purifiers, in addition to a range of prefilters customized for the Chinese market and the second-generation Superior Osmosis™ reverse osmosis models. The smallest, Cleone, is a high-performing classic RO unit that takes ease of premium purification to the next level. The mid-sized unit, Spirit, has a sleek, contemporary style to fit naturally into any home environment and delivers three liters of direct flow water per minute (43.2 gph). The larger Bluewater™ Pro delivers 5.7 liters per minute (81.3 gph). Both Spirit and Pro models unite next-gen design and innovation to generate clean water 24/7, using little energy and reducing water wastage by up to 82 percent. http://bluewatergroup.com/, info@bluewatergroup.com