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Current IssueOctober 24, 2014
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Digital flowmeters, by Blue-White Industries

Blue-White Industries’ BW DIGI-METER® F-2000 Series paddlewheel type digital flowmeters are offered in four model variations. Model AO offers optional 4-20 mA/0-10 VDC analog output, flowrate and totalizer capabilities; Model PC provides batch processing circuitry, including high/low flowrate alarm, proportional chemical metering, flowrate and totalizer; Model AP offers analog output, batch processing, flowrate alarm, proportional chemical metering, flowrate and totalizer and Model RT provides rate and totalizer capabilities, and can be battery powered. Additional F-2000 features include easy-to-read, eight-digit LCD with up to four decimal positions; factory programmed with calibration certificate; field programmable via front panel touchpad and front-panel security lockout. Additional features and custom calibration units are offered. www.blue-white.com, sales@blue-white.com

Clean labs, by HEMCO Corp.

HEMCO Corporation’s Modular Clean Labs feature chemical-resistant modular construction for ease of on-site assembly. They are an ideal choice for water treatment and laboratory, industrial applications such as clean rooms, CMM rooms, walk-in mini labs, pilot plants, hazardous procedure enclosures or specialty equipment enclosures. These labs can achieve strict environmental control by incorporating HEPA and/or carbon filtration to regulate air quality. Humidity can be regulated with desiccant systems available for lower humidity requirements. Options include a wide selection of doors, lighting, plumbing, electrical and lab furniture systems that can be factory installed. www.HEMCOcorp.com, (800) 779-4362

Sub-micron filters, by United Filters International

United Filters International’s ULTRA-D Submicron Depth Filtration Series, manufactured using a proprietary, patented, electroadsorptive media technology, are capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange. This makes it possible for a non-woven media to produce filtration efficiency at very low pressure drop, with high flowrates and high loading capacity working equally well in fresh, brackish or salt waters. The media consists of coated micro-glass fibers and base media is laminated between layers of spun-bond to provide both strength and pleat support. The media is NSF 61-approved and USP Class VI testing and endotoxin testing. The filter is available in three other versions: with natural silver impregnated in the media to protect the filter surface from bacterial and fungal growth, killing pathogens on the filter surface; with powdered activated carbon with an average particle size of only eight microns and with powdered activated carbon and natural silver. www.unitedfilters.com

Air purifiers, by Waterwise, Inc.

Waterwise’s Airwise® air-purifier, advanced purification technology goes beyond mechanical filtration methods to oxidize odors, settle dust, reduce allergens and destroy viruses, bacteria and mold. Airwise employs a process called photocatalysis, which works to oxidize organic odors, microorganisms, algae, fungi and parasites, as well as toxic VOCs like formaldehyde. These purifiers are silent and maintenance-free. Report and catalog available. waterwise.com/wcp, (800) 874-9028 x674

Water contamination manual, by American Water Works Association

The American Water Works Association introduces Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: Learning From Frontline Experience With Contamination by Steve E. Hrudey and Elizabeth J. Hrudey. This 296-page, soft-cover volume explores such challenging situations as waterborne disease outbreaks, chemical contaminations and close calls that can occur at water utilities. These situations are explored in-depth in 21 case studies that illustrate the immense responsibility that is placed on individuals who deliver safe drinking water to the public. Written from the viewpoint of the personnel who were in the forefront of the situation, each case study is fully detailed with information on background, operational details and lessons learned. www.awwa.org/store/productdetail.aspx?productid=34151957

RO system, by Hankscraft H2O Products

Hankscraft H2O Products, partnered with Bluefilters group, introduces their German-engineered water purification products to the US. The Drinking Water Series, showcasing a six-stage RO system, is a compact, high-quality, POU drinking water system, which features a re-mineralizing cartridge as the final stage to raise the pH level and improve taste. elementswatertreatment.com, mstenerson@hankscraft.com

VLT drives, by Danfoss VLT Drives

VLT® AQUA Drives from Danfoss VLT Drives offer a range of pump-friendly features and options, such as sensorless pump control, inherently NEMA/UL-type 3R enclosure and single phase. User-friendly features that simplify operation and lower costs include an award-winning LCP keypad design with SmartStart programming, which reduces start-up time and costs, and a watertight USB connection allowing for setup and programming with the drive enclosure sealed. Drives are available in a 1.5 to 60 HP, 200 to 240 V; 1.5 to 125 HP, 480 V and 1.5 to 125 HP, 600 V power range. Also available in 208 to 230 V, single-phase operation up to 30 HP and in 480 V, single-phase operation up to 50 HP to allow use in common pump applications where three-phase power is not available or economically viable. www.danfossdrives.com, salesinformation@danfoss.com

UV filter kettle, by Suzhou Qianjinyong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Qianjinyong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the 3.5-liter (0.92-gallon) Casing UV Filter Kettle and the 450-mL (15.2-ounce) Casing UV Bottle Filter. A CCFL cold-cathode UV switch-on lamp produces 0.2 ppm of O3. The kettle can be charged by a 3~4 V(DC) cell-phone charge and mobile power supply; charge lasts for 1-2 hours. Each sterilization period is 40 seconds; an indicator light lasts 90 seconds to indicate sterilization is complete. Features include a filter cartridge that can be used interchangeably with other brands and an electronic filter-change reminder display. The 450-mL bottle features UV sterilization as well as separate drinking and filtration ports to avoid cross-contamination. www.toppuror.com

Chemistry manual, by Elsevier

Elsevier announces the publication of Chemistry of Advanced Environmental Purification Processes of Water: Fundamentals and Applications by Erik G. Sogaard. This 360-page book covers the fundamentals behind a broad spectrum of advanced purification processes for various types of water, showing numerous applications through worked examples. Purification processes for groundwater, soil water, reusable water and raw water are examined where they are in full-scale use, as a pilot approach or in the laboratory. The book also describes the production of ceramic particles (nanochemistry) and materials for the creation of filtration systems and catalysts that are involved. It is aimed at chemists, chemical engineers, environmental engineers, civil engineers, consultants and engineering companies. www.SciTechConnect.Elsevier.com

Water softener and filter, by Canature North America

The Canature 785 Dual Pass Softener uses a two-tank system to prevent hardness leakage on very hard water supplies (> 75 gpg). The first tank significantly reduces water hardness while the second tank acts as a polisher to prevent slippage. The unit features salt-efficient, up-flow regeneration for ultimate salt savings. The BAF 565 Series chemical-free iron filter removes stubborn iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, all while using up to 50-percent less water than traditional iron filters. Natural oxidation removes iron without the need for chemicals, air pumps or Venturis. Also available is the 95 Series for high flowrates for large residential and commercial applications. Three models are available: BAF, neutral pH or higher; BIF, > 7.0 pH and BIF MN, low pH (6.0 to 6.9). www.canaturena.com, (877) 771-6789

Water purifier with coffee and ice maker, by ChungHo Nais Co., Ltd.

ChungHo Nais Co., Ltd.’s WHI CAFFE combines a water purifier with a coffee and ice maker. Features include easy extraction of original Italian espresso; hygienic vacuum-packed coffee capsules and detachable holder; selection key for optimized taste, Smart auto-cleaning system and a 24-hour water circulation system. The system produces coffee, ice and hot, cold, ambient or warm water. http://eng.chungho.co.kr, goodeal@chungho.co.kr

Coil tubing, by John Guest USA, Inc.

John Guest® announces its LLDPE Coil Tubing line is expanded to include pre-packaged cut lengths of Black, 0.25-inch LLDPE in 25-foot coils. JG LLDPE provides a wide range of temperature and pressure suitability, broad chemical compatibility and is made with non-contaminating materials. Black is UV stabilized. Common applications are water purification, water conditioners, ice makers and misting systems. LLDPE is more robust than traditional low- or medium-density polyethylene and is recommended for use with cold and intermittent hot water. LLDPE tubing is lead-free and NSF-51 and NSF-61 certified. Available for sale now in full-box quantities: 25-foot coils are available for sale in a box of 20. www.johnguest.com