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Current IssueSeptember 04, 2015
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Ask The Expert: Oxygenated bottled water?
Question: Q: I recently read about the Avani Water Company (see news item below) in WC&P and would like to know if you have any further information on this company. Would you also be able to comment on the Oxygenated water that they make. "Avani grants license: Avani International Group Inc., manufacturer and distributor of ‘Oxygen Enriched’ bottled water, granted in November a Malaysian company a 30-year license to make and distribute the product in Malaysia. The Malaysian company will pay Avani a 2 percent royalty on gross revenue and a licensing fee of $500,000 per production facility, as well as 20 percent of the licensee's net profit."

Patrick McGinley, Director F1rst Global.Com Limited London, UK  

Answer: A: Oxygenated water is among the designer bottled waters that have emerged in recent years that make a variety of claims beyond simple hydration. We would not be able to comment on the oxygenated water that they make. You would need to do the proper research on the company and its products yourself to determine the value of it to you. There is plenty of information on the Internet that you can refer to including agencies that oversee such issues, such as the Food & Drug Administration, USEPA, International Bottled Water Association, etc. Since much of what you'll find will be commercially oriented, I might stick with these or academic websites if you're looking for an informed, third party perspective. You can find out more about the specific company online as well. We noted a few items that popped up, including a home page, when looking it up on some of our favorite search engines. Hope that helps.

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