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Current IssueAugust 31, 2015
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Ask The Expert: Well treatments other than chlorine
Question: Q: I'm looking for info on alternatives to the use of chlorine for disinfecting a well. Are there products available and what's their approximate cost vs chlorine. Do any of your back issues deal with this?? Thank you for your time.

Dave Glass Meaford, Ontario, Canada  

Answer: A: Chlorine is the simplest and most effective. It comes in many forms. Municipal water plants use chlorine gas, but it is toxic in concentrated forms used in that application and can kill upon breathing. PPG, Better Water Industries and a few other companies have solid tablet dispensing systems they've been promoting for the last few years. Ozone and ultraviolet light are looking good in some applications. You'll need to check with a local dealer for costs in your area, or you can always surf the web for that information. Check WC&P's Buyers Guide or Online Trade Show at www.wcponline.com for leads in the right direction. Keep in mind that post-disinfection filtration can effectively remove chlorine and any disinfection by-products that may be a cause of your concern.

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