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Current IssueAugust 29, 2015
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Ask The Expert: Water softener comparison
Question: I am interested in locating articles explaining the pro's and con's of the various types of water softeners on the market (i.e. magnetic, ion exchange, etc..), as well as a comparison of the numerous manufactuer models available. Are you aware of any such articles? Thanks.

Bruce Mori  

Answer: Q: As we are a technical trade journal, we generally have never done a survey such as the one you suggest. For one, we would have to have a laboratory in-house to do this and that would simply be a duplication of efforts of the Water Quality Association, NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories, Spectrum Labs, National Testing Laboratories, etc. Our function is moreso to cover the business of the industry and offer technical and other articles that educate and raise the professional profile of its members. Generally, what you're asking for is likely to be more a topic of Consumer Reports, which I believe has done some ratings of softeners, water filters and related equipment for the home (see www.consumerreports.org). Still, I was able to locate an index of some of the type of information you requested at a website called the "Open Directory Project." Under "Home: Consumer Information: Appliances: Water Filters," it lists 19 such sites, including Epinion, HowStuffWorks, ConsumerReview, Appliance.com, etc. (see http://dmoz.org/Home/Consumer_Information/Appliances/Water_Filters/). Additional listings for those softeners meeting industry standards and efficiency ratings can be found at the WQA, NSF and UL websites. Hope this helps.

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