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Current IssueSeptember 02, 2015
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Ask The Expert: POU/POE by the numbers?
Question: Q: We would like to know if statistics are available on sales of POU/POE water treatment devices as appliances. I believe that water softener devices are tracked. Do you have any suggestions on information sources other than the WQA?
Frank Harned
Markel Corp.
Plymouth Meeting, Mass.  

Answer: A: Not really, unless you want to pay possibly big bucks for the information. WQA tracks it through voluntary release of information compiled by a third party, regarding key components—valves, tanks, membranes. Otherwise, you can try market research firms that generally charge a fee for data, such as Frost & Sullivan, The McIlvaine Co., The Freedonia Group, etc. Their studies may target a specific industry segment such as cartridge or carbon filters, ion exchange resins, or reverse osmosis membranes—or the broader point-of-use/point-of-entry residential market as a whole. Keep in mind that it's difficult to separate some of the differences with other markets (commercial/light industrial/small systems) out as, oftentimes, similar equipment can be used for different applications. This is why even the WQA is hesitant to offer hard and fast numbers, generally preferring estimates like pinpointing residential softener sales at roughly a million units a year.

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