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Current IssueSeptember 02, 2015
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Ask The Expert: Two 500-gallon Water Buffalo
Question: Q: I'm responsible for maintaining a couple of [U.S. Army] Water Buffalo [water tanks]—500 gallons each. I was told that I should put chlorine in the water to keep it fresh. Can you tell me how much should I put in? Also, is there something else I could use. Keep in mind, this is for a county department (no money). Thank you for your help.
William T. Maxson, Deputy
Men's Central Jail Training Unit
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Answer: A: Larry Henke, senior technical director at St. Louis Park, Minn.'s Robert B. Hill Co. and a member of WC&P's Technical Review Committee, wrote an excellent article on this topic in our May 1999 issue ("Wells, Groundwater and Microbes: Pristine Maybe, But Not Necessarily as 'Pure' as the Driven Snow," pp. 36-39). I would also suggest you contact Krudico Inc. (www.krudico.com) in Iowa or Better Water Industries in Tyler, Minn.—(507) 247-5929—for more information. Both specialize in water treatment for agriculture/livestock, particularly with respect to chlorination dispensing systems for wells or tanks. They're likely going to recommend you use a pellet dispenser for dry chlorine tablets. They may refer you to a dealer in your area that can assist you.

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