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Current IssueSeptember 01, 2015
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Ask The Expert: No-salt softening
Question: Q: Thank you for your fine publication. Your magazine is the only one that I look forward to reading cover to cover each month.
One of my clients has been contacted by a firm from Pasadena, California. They claim to reduce hardness without salt ion exchange. I am most skeptical of systems that make such claims and searched your website for any referenced articles that would help dissuade my client from considering this sales pitch. My experience with magnets and other non-conventional softening systems is that the only reduction is the money from the clients wallet.

Does anyone have any impartial scientific examination of this system?

Ted Theilmann  

Answer: A: I believe your perception of the efficacy of non-chemical water softeners is correct. The manufacturers of these devices seem to use only testimonial and questionable "scientific proof" without credible third-party test results. Both NSF and the Water Quality Association have tried to develop a comprehensive test protocol with the aide of the leading manufacturers of these devices, but none seems willing to cooperate enough to see it through to completion. There are several related items you can find by searching our website using the following phrases: "magnetic," "magnets," "clamp-on" "physical water treatment" or "alternative technologies." Let us know if you need additional information.

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