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Current IssueSeptember 04, 2015
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Ask The Expert: Health effects from deionized water


Are there any potential health affects from drinking deionized water? Are you aware of any technical resources that provide more information on this topic?

Russ Romme
Buckeye Field Supply
Cincinnati, Ohio




"I have seen arguments on both sides but nothing definitive, says Dr. Joseph Cotruvo, a former director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencys Drinking Water Standards Division and Toxic Substances Risk Assessment Division.

"On the one hand, drinking deionized water foregoes the opportunity to benefit from extra intake of desirable nutrients like calcium and magnesium that could be beneficial and there have been many epidemiological reports on the benefits of drinking hard water, such as lower cardiovascular disease risk, Cotruvo says.

However, the extent to which nutrient consumption in drinking water impacts the total daily consumption of such nutrients is still the subject of much study and debate.

As an active member of the World Health Organization WHO/NSF International Collaborating Center for Drinking Water Safety and Treatment, Cotruvo has been a key participant in this discussion.

WHO is preparing a Public Symposium and expert meeting that will deal with some of the issues associated with consumption of low and high-mineralized water, Cotruvo says. The symposium is tentatively scheduled for late April 2006 in Baltimore, Maryland.

For some additional information on the topic, see WHO Report: Nutrient Minerals in Drinking Water and the Potential Health Consequences of Consumption of Demineralized and Remineralized and Altered Mineral and the corresponding response from the Water Quality Association, which appeared in the March 2005 issue of Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine.

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