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Current IssueSeptember 03, 2015
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Ask The Expert: Science Fair Project #2: How do You Do It?
Question: I am doing a science project on water purification. My question is how did you design your water purification systems?

Stephanie Bunch -- Williamsburg, Ky.  

Answer: We don't design or sell water purification systems per se. We are a business trade magazine that publishes articles about the design and proper installation and operation of water treatment systems, primarily for residential use. These include water softeners and deionizers; undercounter reverse osmosis and filtration systems; distillation units; countertop and end-of-faucet filtration and other treatment systems; ultraviolet, ozone and chemical disinfection systems, aeration systems; well water treatment systems-as well as small municipal systems and commercial/light industrial systems that operate on roughly the same technologies, just on a larger scale. The specific design (or combination) of these systems will vary depending on the quality and chemistry of the water to be treated and its intended uses. It's a general rule of thumb that a "multi-barrier approach" to water treatment is best as different technologies may have different strengths and weaknesses under different conditions and combining technologies can provide a more effective treatment regimen and ultimately higher quality water. In a nutshell that isn't necessarily all-inclusive, that's the function of WC&P. For more specifics, see the website of the Water Quality Association (www.wcp.org) or NSF International (http://www.nsf.org/programs/).

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