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Current IssueSeptember 04, 2015
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Ask The Expert: UV & materials selection
Question: We use extruded aluminum with anodization for the UV chamber of our water purifier. The anodization depth is about 15 micron. We are debating the use of stainless steel for UV chamber material. Can you explain the relative advantages and disadvantages of this choice? Which is better from the point of UV radiation reflection, resistance to corrosion by potable water, durability and other related aspects of a drinking water purifier? I am the head of R&D department of Eureka Forbes Ltd., which is the largest manufacturer of domestic water purifiers in India. We are one of the largest manufacturers of UV-based water purifiers. We are members of WQA. Hence our interests are bona fide and we look forward to your expert views.

N. Ramachandra, Eureka Forbes Ltd., Mumbai, India 

Answer: Reflective properties of metals will vary considerably with slight changes in composition and surface finishing. The reflective properties of your specific anodized material could be directly compared against stainless steel (SST) or other surfaces by irradiating the surface of samples with a UV light and taking radiometer readings at a fixed distance and (preferably high) angle. Unfortunately, I do not have any information on the corrosivity of your particular material. You may find additional help by posing your question to the International UV Association (see www.iuva.org).

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