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Current IssueMarch 31, 2015
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Current IssueMARCH 2015: ISSUE 57, NUMBER 3
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WQA Aquatech Show Guide
 Pages: 34
Tentative Schedule of Events 
Improving Media Adsorption Efficiency for Arsenic and Fluoride
by C.F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud, CWS-VI  Pages: 36 - 38
There are two contaminants commonly found in water that have been in the spotlight for the past decade. These are arsenic and fluoride. Most groundwater sources will contain two to three ppb of arsenic and generally a trace of fluoride.  
An Innovative Softener Brine Recovery Technology: A Case Study
by Peter S. Cartwright, PE and Tom Cartwright  Pages: 40 - 46
The world is inexorably moving in the direction of water conservation and reuse. Media coverage of extreme water shortages, disease and chemical contamination events has raised public awareness to unprecedented levels. 
Hard to Lather, Easy to Fix
by Greg Reyneke, CWS-VI  Pages: 48 - 50
Hard water is called hard for a number of reasons. Some say it’s because it is full of hard, rock-like inorganic mineral compounds like calcium carbonate. Others call it hard because it’s hard on the wallet, plumbing, faucets, laundry and appliances. 
Creating Marketing: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same (well, sort of)
by David H. Martin  Pages: 22 - 26
The acceleration of change in marketing has been relentless in the last decade. Water treatment dealers have seen the demise of Yellow Pages as a leading source of business leads.  
Dealer Profile: Propane to Water: Boonie’s Water Conditioning from the Ground Up
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 52 - 56
James Boone started a propane business in 1957 and needed something in the summer season to keep his staff busy. In 1963, he was introduced to tank exchange water softening, then purchased and installed a regeneration plant and tanks.  
Water Matters: Certification of Components versus Systems
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 58 - 60
Certification of POU and POE equipment can take on many different forms, depending on the technology involved, the types of claims being made and the specifics of the product in question.  
On Tap: Celebrating the Safe Drinking Water Act’s 40th Anniversary and Recognition of the Challenges Ahead
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD  Pages: 62 - 64
Originally enacted into law in 1974 by President Gerald Ford, the US EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) recently hit the 40th anniversary mark.  
Vieiwpoint: Gearing up for a better year
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 14
It’s that time of year again, when conference season goes into full swing and the opportunities each show brings can be beneficial to everyone.