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Current IssueApril 20, 2014
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Current IssueAPRIL 2014: ISSUE 56, NUMBER 4
Cover Stories
High-Performance Demineralization: A Case Study
by Filip Rochette  Pages: 22 - 26
In a world that is constantly changing, companies are being forced by multiple authorities to control their wastewater and chemical usage.  
An Overview of Coagulation-Flocculation Technology
by Lee D. Wilson, PhD  Pages: 28 - 34
Coagulation is an essential chemical-driven process in water and wastewater treatment, as evidenced by widespread use of such technology in food/beverage production, remediation of mine tailings, petroleum refining and secondary treatment of drinking water. 
Steam Boilers — Accuracy Matters
by Matthew Wirth and K.C. Willis  Pages: 36 - 38
Four gallons per hour per horsepower is the rule of thumb when calculating water used by a steam boiler, but 34.5 pounds of steam per hour per horsepower is more exact.  
Dealer Dynamics: Introduction to Commercial Water Treatment
by Greg Reyneke, CWS-VI  Pages: 14 - 16
A smart water dealership strives to perform well a wide variety of water quality improvement tasks for their clients. As your business matures, it is natural to be asked to help with commercial and industrial projects. 
Executive Insight: Superb Wrench, Launched by a Broken Filter Wrench
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 40
Superb Wrench, LLC, a family-owned enterprise, is fairly new to the water treatment market, but it’s making its presence felt in a positive way.  
Dealer Profile: From Hardware to Pumps to Water Treatment, Precision Pump Has Seen It All
by Denise M. Roberts  Pages: 42 - 44
Tim and Rae Weaver own and operate one of the most diversified companies in their area, combining several businesses into one. 
Water Matters: An Opportunity to Improve Capacity and Efficiency Testing of Cation Exchange Water Softeners
by Rick Andrew  Pages: 46 - 48
NSF/ANSI 44 has long been the American national standard for residential POE cation exchange water softeners. It is a comprehensive standard, requiring evaluation of many aspects of a water softener to establish conformance:... 
On Tap: Enterovirus 68 and the Recent Emergence of a Polio-like Syndrome
by Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD  Pages: 50 - 52
Enterovirus 68 has been linked to a cluster of 25 cases of flaccid paralysis in California children. 
Viewpoint: Gearing up for another busy year
by Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher  Pages: 6
Now that everyone who attended WQA Aquatech has a better idea of what’s new in water treatment, it’s time to put to good use all of the information gained at the show. 
People: April 2014
 Pages: 18 - 19