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Charles C Johnson, Robert Grasmere, Eric Johnson, Harold F Werhane & Donald L Porth, Culligan, IWQS, Washington, 1972

Charles C Johnson, Robert Grasmere, Eric Johnson, Harold F Werhane & Donald L Porth, Culligan, IWQS, Washington, 1972
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Biographies are available for:

Robert Grasmere

From Water Conditioning Magazine, December 1970, WCAI, 25th Anniversary: WCAI President, 1960, 1961. Mountain Soft Water, Maplewood, New Jersey. Respectfully referred to as the industry intellectual. Balances a keen, inquisitive mind with sound business sense. Senior class president at Rutgers U.; left college much-honored to pursue an additional degree in law at Cornell. College band leader, naval officer and, in 1956 water conditioning dealer. Recipient of Ralph Lloyd Jones Award, Pettit Award for industry service. Was chairman of the WCAI Philadelphia convention. Traveled 35,000 miles as WCAI president. Has headed virtually every local business and social organization. is now second-term Mayor of Maplewood. Father of five, he is supplemented nicely by sparkling wife, Evelyn.

Harold F Werhane

<b>From <i>Water Conditioning</i>, July 1977</b> Harold Werhane has been in a high visibility position with Culligan for many years and has lent his company and the industry a large measure of dignity. Harold started with the Culligan organization in 1937 as a bookkeeper, just about a year after Emmett J. Culligan formed the company. In 1939, he was made office manager and the following year he became general manager. In 1945, the company was incorporated under the name of Culligan, Inc. and Werhane became one of its directors. Five years later, in 1950, he was elected president. In 1973, he was elected chairman of the board, a position occupied for many years by Mr. Culligan, but vacant following his death. Werhane's leadership goes well beyond the Culligan organization. He was one of the founders of the Water Conditioning Foundation (now a part of Water Quality Association) and is the first member of the WQA Hall of Fame. In 1968, the American Marketing Association named Harold Werhane its "Marketing Man of the Year. Harold has held a variety of civic, business and institutional posts throughout his career, including director, Chicago Association of Manufacturers and director, Illinois Manufacturers Association.

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