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Gerald T 'Gerry' Shannon, Lindsay & Richard Mayne, Fox Soft Water, WQA, 1980

Gerald T 'Gerry' Shannon, Lindsay & Richard Mayne, Fox Soft Water, WQA, 1980
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Richard Mayne

From Water Conditioning, August 1979: Few people know that Richard Mayne, president of the Water Quality Association, is a Certified Public Accountant. Even fewer are aware of his service record as a jet fighter pilot in Korea, or the fact that he was at one time an acting General in the Wisconsin Air National Guard. Mayne was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and is a product of the University of Wisconsin where he received a BA and a secondary degree in accounting. After serving as a jet pilot in Korea, he entered the water conditioning industry in 1960 in partnership with Keith Borgerud in Borgerud Manufacturing Company of Deerfield. He left Borgerud in July of 1964 for a position with Fox Soft Water. In May of 1968, he purchased the business from John Fox.

Gerald 'Gerry' T Shannon

From Water Conditioning, July 1977: Gerald Timothy Shannon, president of the Lindsay Division of Ecodyne Corporation, is a relative newcomer to water conditioning, having joined Lindsay as its chief executive officer in January 1972. In his short tenure, he has made an indelible mark on his on company and the industry at large. Gerry Shannon is an excellent example of a modern executive...disciplined, intelligent and decisive. Mix that with Irish charm and a quick sense of humor and you have what amounts to an outstanding man. Shannon, a native of upstate new York, has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Clarkson College of Technology in Potsdam, NY. During World II, as a Navy Pilot, he flew F4U Corsairs from an aircraft carrier. Shannon is a member of the board of directors of the Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce, a director of the Saint Paul Employers Association and a member of Rotary. He belongs to the Pool and Yacht Club, St. Croix Yacht Club, Minnesota Club, Metropolitan Club in Chicago and the Mendakota Country Club.In the water conditioning industry, Gerry has been on the board of governors of the Water Quality Association since he came into the industry and is now vice president.

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