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Delores Fritzsche, Mrs David Nancarrow, William 'Bill' Fritzsche & David Nancarrow, Rayne, 1981

Delores Fritzsche, Mrs David Nancarrow, William 'Bill' Fritzsche & David Nancarrow, Rayne, 1981
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Biography of David G Nancarrow Sr

From Water Conditioning Sales, March 1971: Heading WCF is David G. Nancarrow, president and majority stockholder in Rayne International, a firm made up of Rayne Corporation, Hiller Manufacturing Company, Puro of Illinois, Chicago Water Treatment and Aqua-Chill. Headquarters are in Santa Barbara, California. Nancarrow has been in the water conditioning business all his life. He started as an assistant to his uncle, Raymond Eddy, and grew up in the business supplying conditioned water to industry and households in the Lost Angeles area. On Eddy's death, he assumed control of the company and has since built it into a diversified operation, distributing products through approximately 100 dealers, most concentrated in the Western states. Nancarrow is an expert in franchising operations and one of the pioneers of the exchange-tank concept of marketing water softeners. His dealer network is service oriented, and distinguished by its youth and leadership ability. A resident of Santa Barbara, Nancarrow pilots a twin-engine Cessna. His avocations is flying and he spends a good deal of his leisure time in areas of Baja, California accessible only by private plane. He's a frequently at Lake Arrowhead, a resort area in the San Bernadino mountains. In addition to Rayne International, Nancarrow owns a highly successful restaurant chain called "Carrow's Hickory Chip." The Nancarrow family consists of wife DiEtta and four youngsters.

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